5 December 2020
1Mitchell EadyMullalooMullaloo Gold15
2Rory WallaceCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth A14
3Xavier MatierNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe B13
4Noah CartledgeCity of BunburyCity of Bunbury12
5Marcus BurnsMullalooMullaloo Blue11
6Harrison WebsterCottesloeCottesloe Indianas10
7Caleb BaileySorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins9
8Rocco ComitoTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green8
9Jett Jaeger-HarveyTrigg IslandTrigg Island White6
9William BlairNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe A6
11Blake MonaghanTrigg IslandTrigg Island Black4
11Josh DawsTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red4
1Caleb BaileySorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins
2William BlairNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe A
3Marcus BurnsMullalooMullaloo Blue
4Noah CartledgeCity of BunburyCity of Bunbury
5Rocco ComitoTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green
6Scarlett CurtisNorth CottesloeCottesloe Indianas
7Josh DawsTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red
8Mitchell EadyMullalooMullaloo Gold
9Alessandra GillmoreTrigg IslandTrigg Island Black
10Jett Jaeger-HarveyTrigg IslandTrigg Island White
11Xavier MatierNorth CottesloeNorth Cottesloe B
12Blake MonaghanTrigg IslandTrigg Island Black
13Rory WallaceCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth A
14Harrison WebsterCottesloeCottesloe Indianas
Live Club Standings
City of Perth A215
Trigg Island Green191
North Cottesloe A168
North Cottesloe B165
Trigg Island Red162
City of Bunbury159
Mullaloo Blue155
Cottesloe Indianas134
Mullaloo Gold129
Trigg Island Black121
Sorrento Dolphins90
Trigg Island White85
Scarboro Crew63

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