2021 Surf League R3 Open
6 March 2021
1Daniel HumbleTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green15
2Fergus MorganTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red14
3Joshua WindsorTrigg IslandTrigg Island White13
4Michael BoothSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins12
5Jack RettyCity of Perth SLSCCity Rhode-Scholars11
6Ethan JacksonCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth B10
7Glenn EldonCottesloeCottesloe Pylons9
8Luke EggerCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth C8
9Sam WoodMullalooMullaloo Blue7
10Troy BairdMullalooMullaloo Gold6
11Thomas EdrichScarboroScarboro5
1Troy BairdMullalooMullaloo Gold
2Michael BoothSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins
3Thomas EdrichScarboroScarboro
4Luke EggerCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth C
5Glenn EldonCottesloeCottesloe Pylons
6Daniel HumbleTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green
7Ethan JacksonCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth B
8Fergus MorganTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red
9Jack RettyCity of Perth SLSCCity Rhode-Scholars
10Joshua WindsorTrigg IslandTrigg Island White
11Sam WoodMullalooMullaloo Blue
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