2021 Surf League R3 Open
6 March 2021
1Macarah MallisTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green15
2Soraya LeeMullalooMullaloo Blue14
3Phoebe AshworthCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth B13
4Nikita FredonnetCity of Perth SLSCCity Rhode-Scholars12
5Meg WarneTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red11
6Ashlee BookerSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins10
7Femke NegusTrigg IslandTrigg Island White9
8Sarah MayMullalooMullaloo Gold8
9Taylah SudaCottesloeCottesloe Pylons7
1Phoebe AshworthCity of Perth SLSCCity of Perth B
2Ashlee BookerSorrento (WA)Sorrento Dolphins
3Nikita FredonnetCity of Perth SLSCCity Rhode-Scholars
4Soraya LeeMullalooMullaloo Blue
5Macarah MallisTrigg IslandTrigg Island Green
6Sarah MayMullalooMullaloo Gold
7Femke NegusTrigg IslandTrigg Island White
8Taylah SudaCottesloeCottesloe Pylons
9Meg WarneTrigg IslandTrigg Island Red
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