2018 State Team Selection Trial
2 December 2018
1Mikaela InnocentTrigg Island6
2Emma StegmannCity of Bunbury5
3Sophie Baron-HayCity of Perth SLSC4
4Mia NesbitCity of Perth SLSC3
5Samantha LoureyTrigg Island2
6Jaya RuleTrigg Island1
7Alice HarwoodScarboro
8Nyah GrayTrigg Island
9Grace YoungCity of Perth SLSC
10Mia JacksonCity of Perth SLSC
11Holly FraserCity of Perth SLSC
12Seren SweeneyScarboro
13Ashley EldonCity of Perth SLSC
1Sophie Baron-HayCity of Perth SLSC
2Ashley EldonCity of Perth SLSC
3Holly FraserCity of Perth SLSC
4Nyah GrayTrigg Island
5Alice HarwoodScarboro
6Mikaela InnocentTrigg Island
7Mia JacksonCity of Perth SLSC
8Samantha LoureyTrigg Island
9Mia NesbitCity of Perth SLSC
10Jaya RuleTrigg Island
11Emma StegmannCity of Bunbury
12Seren SweeneyScarboro
13Grace YoungCity of Perth SLSC
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