2022 SunSmart Nippers Carnival 1 @ Leighton
11 December 2022
Fremantle TEAM B (0)
Pieter Prinsloo (5), Wes Blumenthal (), Seth McGowan (), Noah Janes ()
Fremantle TEAM C (0)
Owen Marsden (8), Finn Marsden (), Finn McDonald (), Connor Doig ()
North Cottesloe NC Blue (0)
Thomas Boyce Cam (4), Finlay Sullivan (), Jack Couanis (), Jackson Hill ()
Quinns Mindarie TEAM A (0)
Matthew Brownrigg (7), Simon Pelc (), Seb Smith (), Coby Whitehead ()
Scarboro TEAM A (0)
Owen Wright (6), Xavier Hedrick (), Bodhi Gleeson (), Ethan Wilson ()
Sorrento (WA) TEAM A (0)
Dylan Paap (1), Zaccariah McKenzie (), Bodhi Duffy (), Lars Belmont ()
Sorrento (WA) TEAM B (0)
Liam Johnson (3), Maxim Collins (), Keenan Booth (), Eamon Stott ()
Trigg Island TEAM A (0)
Billy Hawkes (2), Jimmy Aitchison (), Timothy Hannon (), Chris Jiang ()
1Cottesloe Team A
Callan Curtis, Arthur Kennedy, Aaron Needham
2Fremantle TEAM A
Aiden Blake, Jericho Landrigan, Stirling Moore, Harry Wilton
3Fremantle TEAM B
Wes Blumenthal, Noah Janes, Seth McGowan, Pieter Prinsloo
4Fremantle TEAM C
Connor Doig, Finn Marsden, Owen Marsden, Finn McDonald
5North Cottesloe NC Blue
Thomas Boyce Cam, Jack Couanis, Jackson Hill, Finlay Sullivan
6Quinns Mindarie TEAM A
Matthew Brownrigg, Simon Pelc, Seb Smith, Coby Whitehead
7Scarboro TEAM A
Bodhi Gleeson, Xavier Hedrick, Ethan Wilson, Owen Wright
8Scarboro TEAM B
Finlay Wyeth
9Sorrento (WA) TEAM A
Lars Belmont, Bodhi Duffy, Zaccariah McKenzie, Dylan Paap
10Sorrento (WA) TEAM B
Keenan Booth, Maxim Collins, Liam Johnson, Eamon Stott
11Sorrento (WA) TEAM C
Hudson Doherty-Gardiner, Rhys Hunter, Finn O'Grady, Lucas Paccanaro
12Sorrento (WA) TEAM D
Brodie Bell, Tannan Bryant, Samuel O'Brien, Noah Thomson
13Trigg Island TEAM A
Jimmy Aitchison, Timothy Hannon, Billy Hawkes, Chris Jiang
14Trigg Island TEAM B
Hudson Hort, Zander Liddell-Houghton, Josh Spiro, Bo Watters
15Trigg Island TEAM C
Isaac May
Live Club Standings
Sorrento (WA)151
Trigg Island105
North Cottesloe96
Quinns Mindarie51
Coogee Beach (WA)40
City of Perth SLSC37
Secret Harbour13
City of Bunbury7
Swanbourne Nedlands6
Port Bouvard2

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